Why We Do What We Do: A Nezza Naturals Insight

Why We Do What We Do: A Nezza Naturals Insight

Because of a passion for nature and the drive to provide people with healthy, sustainable products, Nezza Naturals was born. Keep reading to learn why we do what we do!
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Skincare is a booming industry. The health of our bodies should be a priority, and taking care of our largest organ (our skin) is a major component of that! However, with the high demand for cosmetic products, sometimes the environment can take a hit. Landfills are full of non-recyclable plastic containers, and although many companies are transitioning to more natural products, some still use chemicals that can be harmful to both your skin and the environment. Because of a passion for nature and the drive to provide people with healthy, sustainable products, Nezza Naturals was born. Keep reading to learn why we do what we do!

Our Why

One of the reasons we chose to use natural, plant-based ingredients is for the health of our bodies as well as the environment. Using these ingredients is one of the best ways to prevent exposure to the toxic chemicals found in many other cosmetic and household products. When these chemicals are released into our bodies and homes, they are also eventually released into the environment. Our belief is that nature has already provided us with the necessary ingredients for all we need. Natural plants have gentle yet powerful properties to be used for a variety of purposes, and here at Nezza Naturals we create products with those plant properties to benefit you.

Our History

Our company was co-founded in 2004 by James Trueit and his daughter, Sasha Prior. Nezza Naturals focuses on the belief that plant based ingredients hold powerful healing qualities, and what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it. James spent years developing products, and Sasha works tirelessly to teach others about environmentally-sound health products. Nezza Naturals began as a passion project for James; he began selling his essential oil blend products at local markets. As his products became more in-demand, his daughter Sasha signed on to assist for a summer. That three month stint turned into a passion for Sasha as well. She became a certified aromatherapist and spa practitioner, and has since been as passionate about empowering others to go green as James is about creating all-natural products.

Our Products

Our lines of body, bath, and home care products are 100% natural and are created with as many organic ingredients as possible. We avoid parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, thickeners, fillers, artificial colours, and excess packaging. We strive to eliminate waste in both the creation of our products as well as the storage. We prefer to use glass containers when possible, but our plastic containers are made from completely recyclable and biodegradable materials. To take this process one step further, we even offer refills on our liquid products sold in glass bottles, reusing the containers you purchased!

The products created in our store are safely produced and are safe to use. We feel like our customers deserve to use natural products on their bodies and in their homes. They also deserve to use these products with the peace of mind that they are helping the environment instead of harming it. Our co-founder Sasha says, “Our goal is to keep our bodies healthy, but another reason we use all these ingredients is the environment and what we’re putting back in the water.” These ingredients are derived from and inspired by the natural forest beauty that surrounds our town, and we strive to bring the untouched aspect of the B.C. to our customers.

What began as a passion hobby for James has turned into an explosive successful business for the father-daughter team. As finding eco-friendly products is becoming more of a priority for people, our business is becoming more in-demand. The reason Nezza Naturals is so successful is because that passion that led James and Sasha to open their store fifteen years ago is still burning strong, maybe even stronger. At Nezza Naturals, our guarantee is to use only high-quality, plant-based ingredients at a very high concentration. Your skin absorbs everything you put on it, your home is where your loved ones live, and the environment is what we ultimately have to pass on to our future generations. By investing in our all-natural products, you are investing in every aspect of your health! To follow our journey and stay up-to-date on our latest products, head on over to our website, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram! You can also email us at info@nezzanaturals.com or reach out via phone at 1.250.388.9171 if you have any questions on products or services.

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