Why Use Natural Skin Care

Why Use Natural Skin Care

Maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to start taking better care of your skin. Maybe you’ve become concerned about animal testing and want to ensure that everything you use is cruelty-free. Whatever your reasons, NOW is the time to switch to natural skin care. Say hello to natural, sustainably sourced skincare products.

Maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to start taking better care of your skin. Maybe you have a friend who recently switched to natural, sustainably-sourced beauty products and can’t stop talking about them.

Maybe you’ve become concerned about animal testing and want to ensure that everything you use is cruelty-free. Whatever your reasons, NOW is the time to switch to natural skin care.

If you have sensitive skin, say hello to natural, sustainably sourced skincare products.

Natural skincare products typically have far better, quality ingredients, which leave you with a much better result. Changing to a natural skincare product is easy. By shopping on the Nezza Naturals website, you can find many useful products and articles. You can even ask an expert to help with your exact needs.

Why Use Natural Skincare?

There are plenty of reasons why you should be using natural skincare products. Here is our list, but trust us, the list goes on and on!

First, conventional skincare products are loaded with unwanted ingredients. During your skincare routine, you can apply up to 200 chemicals to your skin. This is an overwhelming number that hopefully makes you realize it’s time for a change. When you switch to natural skincare products, you no longer need to worry about these artificial chemicals.

Second, lots of conventional beauty products smell great and say they’re beneficial for your skin or hair, but these claims just don’t hold up. The added scents simply cover up plasticky smells you’d never want to put on your body. All of these chemicals, plus the ones added to extend shelf life to unnatural lengths, add up to an unhealthy choice.

Normal skincare products are also bad for the environment. The toxins are not only bad for your skin, but they can also harm the air around you. They are ending up in the water, soil, and sea. Skincare companies try to hide this, but the fact is it’s detrimental to our environment. 

Simply put, natural products are much safer. Just because a conventional product is marketed as “skincare” doesn’t mean they’re safe to use. Consumers trust the labels without realizing how unsafe they really are. When you use natural skincare products, you use a natural, healthy alternative.

The final — and possibly most convincing — reason is that natural products work better. Using skincare products is all about getting results. You might as well use products that will really give you the results you are looking for. Natural skincare products will do just that.

What Is Natural Skincare Made Of?

Natural skincare products are made from plants, including herbs and flowers. They are not only better for your skin, but better for the environment, too. This is just another reason why changing your skincare products is such a great idea.

About 12.2 million adults are currently using regular skincare products that leave their skin looking and feeling worse than before.  Many people don’t know that the skin is the largest organ in the body, the first line of defence against germs and toxins. However, the skin is also porous, allowing many things that we put on our skin to filter down into our blood and circulate throughout the body. It is incredibly important to be mindful of the ingredients in our skin products.

Easy Ways To Change To Natural Skincare

It’s always a good idea to start slow when incorporating new products into your routine, especially if you have been using traditional skincare products for years and years. We recommend  starting the change with products you use daily, such as makeup remover . Since you wash your face and remove your makeup daily already, switch your traditional products to natural skincare products.

The next natural skincare product to incorporate into your routine is a day and night moisturizer.  These will keep your skin healthy and glowing. You may already be using a moisturizing cream, so this transition will be easy. If you are not, this is an important addition to your routine to keep your skin healthier and well-hydrated.

As you can see, there are many reasons why switching to natural skincare products is a smart and healthy choice. Your skin will start thanking you soon after you make the change, as well as years from now. Make sure that you start slowly adding the new natural products into your regular routine and soon you will have healthier and glowing skin.

Why Nezza Naturals?

Nezza Naturals offers natural skincare products that are high-quality. The plant-based ingredients in our products ensure your skin is absorbing only the very best ingredients.

At Nezza Naturals, we add no artificial colouring to our products. Typically, normal skincare products do add colouring, even just to make them look more natural.  The few colours we do use come from all-natural sources like French Pink Clay or Seaweed Powder . At Nezza Naturals, we pride ourselves on offering cruelty-free products and have professionals willing to speak with you about your specific needs.

For more information feel free to contact us at any time, our friendly staff would be happy to help!

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