Orange Bacteria Buster Multi-Purpose Cleaner

  • An all round, pure and safe, multipurpose, natural cleaning product. This simple yet effective, non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner is designed for kitchen, bathroom, floors etc. Safe on tile, stainless steel, hardwood, laminate, ceramic, wood and more.

    With only 6 ingredients total, this handmade plant-based spray is boosted with Sweet Orange essential oil to naturally cleanse/degrease. Excellent for removing adhesives or stuck-on dirt and grime.

    10x more concentrated than most natural cleaning products so a little goes a long way. No synthetic chemicals, petroleum distillates, or detergents.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Testimonial

"I use this cleaner on all surfaces ( counter top, unfinished wood table, yoga mat etc.) and I find it cleans very effectively and leaves everything smelling lightly of fresh orange zest. It’s pretty great."


A natural multi-purpose surface cleaner that will amaze you! It can even replace almost all the other cleaners in your home.

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