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Men's Beard & Facial Oil

  • Light facial and beard oil to help promote healthy skin and hair. Daily moisturizer created for men and beneficial for all skin types (including oily/acne prone skin!).

    Organic Jojoba oil is anti-inflammatory and packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to help soothe dry, chapped and dehydrated skin. It is also known to be a hair softener without leaving a greasy feel.

    A very subtle, earthy essential oil blend of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Frankincense smell incredible but also have powerful properties that help to prevent fine lines and skin damage.

    A little goes a long way!


    - For all skin types (even oily or acne prone)

    - Daily moisturizer to replace a cream

    - Moisturizing for the skin

    - Nourishing and softening for facial hair


    Tip: If razor burn is a problem, try applying a small amount of this facial oil before applying a shaving cream. It will protect the skin while creating a light barrier between the razor and your skin.


    Men's skin vs. Women's skin

    It is true that besides having facial hair, men's skin is structurally different than women's skin. Due to higher levels of androgen (testosterone) a man's skin is thicker and the texture is tougher than women's skin. After puberty, men's skin also tends to have a higher level of sebum production compared to women.



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