Cedar Leaf Essential Oil

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    Common Uses: soothes rheumatism, arthritis & congestion astringent, diuretic, expectorant, insect repellent, stimulant, emotionally grounding


    Energetics/ Fun Facts: Historically Thuja Leaves were used in folk medicine as a tea to relieve common cold symptoms such as headaches , fever, and coughs

    Blends well with: lavender, cedarwood, lemon, pine, tea tree, orange, bergamot, frankincense, rosewood

    Caution: should be used in moderation as it has a high thujone content. Do not use during pregnancy.

    Associated Word: Certainty


    What are essential oils?

    Essential oils are highly concentrated oils extracted from various parts of plants. Aromatherapy is the art and science of treating the physical, psychological and emotional states within the body using essential oils. Nezza Naturals has high-quality essential oils that are ethically sourced from around the world. 

    They are 100% pure unless otherwise stated (we offer a select few essential oils in a 10% dilution as well as 100% dilution). Our goal is to provide high quality, essential oils at an affordable price.

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