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Amber Resin Deodorant Cream

  • A natural, plant-based deodorant product designed for long-lasting results. This effective and eco-friendly deodorant cream has the incredible aroma of premium Dark Amber resin and Sandalwood.

    Truly, one of our most popular products and a best seller both online and in-store. Low irritant 100% natural ingredients provide deodorizing benefits for both men and women.

    Designed for daily use formulated with organic and wild crafted ingredients that are gentle on your body (and the environment!) but give you the confidence to tackle your day.


Customer Reviews

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"I have tried likely every natural deodorant out there and this is the ONLY one that has actually worked. Whether an entire work day or a session at the gym, I can be dripping sweat without any body odour. Unbelievable."


Apply a small amount of the cream once a day for all day protection against odor.

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