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Rosacea Care Facial Toner

  • Natural, plant-based anti-aging facial toner to help soothe the symptoms of Rosacea.

    Facial toners play an important role in our daily facial care regimes. One purpose of a toner is to further remove dirt, pollution, and impurities as well as cleanser that can still remain after washing the face.

    Another important purpose is to relax your skin's natural barrier in order to maximize the absorption of your facial moisturizer.

    This powerful toner is handmade with soothing hydrosols and essential oils that have been shown to help reduce redness, inflammation and itchiness due to Rosacea. Contains Helichysrum hydrosol, Roman Chamomile hydrosol, Aloe Vera juice, Witch Hazel, vegetable glycerin and a therapeutic essential oil blend.


    - Powerful anti-inflammatory formula

    - 100% Natural and plant based

    - Alcohol-free



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