Why We Love Using Florals In Our Skincare, and You Should Too!

Why We Love Using Florals In Our Skincare, and You Should Too!

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Floral waters and essential oils are staple ingredients in many of our skincare products, from our cleansers to our moisturizers, and even our face masks. Florals are beneficial for many different skin types and skin conditions, and their beautiful aromas have aromatherapeutic benefits as well. Here are a few of our most used florals and why we love them so much!


Lavender has been a fan-favourite and staple in the skincare industry for years due to its calming effects on the skin. We use both lavender floral water and lavender essential oil in many of our skin care products to help reduce redness, soothe irritations, and for its antibacterial properties. Lavender is also widely used for relaxation, so using it in your skincare is a really easy way to reap its aromatherapeutic benefits!


We love using Roman Chamomile and German (Blue) Chamomile as an ingredient in our skincare to reduce redness and irritation. It is a key ingredient in our Rosacea Facial Oil and Rosacea Care Toner, and for the DIY lovers, it’s a great addition to your DIY skincare.


Known for its balancing properties, we use Geranium essential oil in our Geranium Facial Cream and our Geranium & Tea Tree Toner to bring balance to combination skin and calm hormonal breakouts. Geranium also stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage, and has anti-bacterial properties. It’s a well-known and loved remedy for balancing hormones and relieving symptoms of PMS and menopause.


Rose essential oil is known to be emotionally uplifting, reduces symptoms of grief and depression, and is associated with the heart chakra. We use Rose in our skincare for its soothing and balancing properties, and we love including it in skincare for aging and mature skin. Our Rich Rose Toner is a soothing toner that reduces redness and inflammation, and you can also find Rose in our Skin Renew Night Cream and Ultimate Facial Serum.

There are many different ways to use florals in your skincare, and if you’re someone who loves doing DIYs they are really easy to incorporate into your own recipes! You can find more information about each of the florals and products mentioned in this blog on our website. Feel good about what you put on your skin!

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