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Elate Blush Powder

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Multi-Use Coloured Face Powder

Embrace colour. From classic pinks to a golden illuminator, our Blush Powder will highlight the favourite features of your visage, from flushed cheeks to illuminated eyes. Brush, blend and build your colour. Lightweight, yet long-lasting, our Blush Powder will take you from day to night. Your Blush Powder will fill half of our Essential Palette, or a quarter of our Capsule Palette - leaving room to add the rest of your beauty ritual products. Alternatively, use the packaging your product arrives in as a fully compostable compact.

  • Desire: Soft Light Pink
  • Brave: Medium Cool Pink
  • Ingenue: Medium Neutral Berry
  • Dew: Soft Champagne Highlight
  • Titian: Warm Tangerine Coral
  • Sunbeam: Light Neutral Bronze

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