Tobacco Absolute Premium Essential Oil

  • 100% Pure | Therapeutic | High quality

    This complex and smoky-sweet absolute is prized for adding depth to perfumes and aromatherapy blends.

    Made from real tobacco leaves, this oil blends beautifully with woods, tree resins such as amber, frankincense, cedarwood and peru balsam.


    What are Essential Oils?

    Essential oils are highly concentrated oils extracted from various parts of plants. Aromatherapy is the art and science of treating the physical, psychological and emotional states within the body using essential oils. Nezza Naturals has high-quality 'therapeutic­ grade' oils that are ethically sourced from around the world.

Plant based Aromatherapy

Using natural plant based products is one of the best ways to
prevent exposure to the toxic chemicals found in
many cosmetics and household products.