Pomegranate Seed Oil

  • The pomegranate is referred to as “The Fruit of Life” and as “Nature’s Power Fruit,”.

    The seeds of this fruit are pressed to produce an oil that has numerous benefits for skin, hair, and overall health. In skin care it has been shown to boost collagen production, enhance skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of scarring, sun damage and leave lasting moisture without a greasy residue or clogging pores.

    Pomegranate oil not only helps with the appearance of skin but it also has therapeutic properties like reducing inflammation, protecting the skin against sun damage, soothing psoriasis and eczema, and even helping to encourage the skin healing process.

    This oil is also used in hair care for all hair types! It hydrates and protects dull, dry hair, stimulates scalp circulation, eliminates dirt and dandruff, protects follicles, and increases the growth of stronger, healthier hair.

    An all around amazing oil


    - Skin & Hair Care

    - Anti-aging

    - Boosts collagen production

    - Non-greasy



Plant based Aromatherapy

Using natural plant based products is one of the best ways to
prevent exposure to the toxic chemicals found in
many cosmetics and household products.