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Lavender Hydrosol (Floral Water)

  • Hydrosols are also referred to as distillate waters or floral waters.

    A hydrosol is an aromatic water that remains after plant material is steam distilled to create an essential oil. A very therapeutic water that retains many of the same properties as the essential oil but is very gentle and can be used pure on the skin.

    Hydrosols are different than essential oils added to water because they contain water soluble healing compounds. Among these compounds are plant acids which lend themselves beautiful as toners for the skin.

    An excellent option for use on children or pets who are more sensitive to powerful essential oils.


    - Regenerative effects on damaged or fragile skin.

    - Reduces all types of skin irritation and inflammation.

    - Great for acne and as a daily toner

    - Great as a facial, body or linen spray



for all skin types

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