Elate Pressed EyeColour - Nezza Naturals

Elate Pressed EyeColour

High-Performance Eye Colour

Made for every skin type, our Pressed EyeColour absorbs oil so you can say goodbye to creasing and hello to high-performance colour. Simply apply with your favourite shadow brush. For a bolder colour, wet your brush first and build in layers. Your EyeColour will fill an eighth of our Essential Palette. Leaving room to add the rest of your beauty ritual products or 7 more EyeColours for a complete eye palette. Alternatively, use the packaging your product arrives in as a fully compostable compact.

  • Beloved: Soft Warm Brown
  • Earthen: Matte Neutral Brown
  • Ethereal: Shimmery Light Gold
  • Modish: Plum Lustre
  • Rise: Shimmery Deep Brown
  • Soar: Matte Vanilla
  • Sweet: Warm Pink
  • Union: Matte Cream

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