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Testimonials - NEW

Great products and even better customer service. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and consistently go out of their way to ensure I leave their store satisfied and in an even better mood than when I first walked in. Having also had the chance to meet and speak with the owners, I can confidently say that anyone who walks in to their shop is in great hands. It is great to see such kind and down to earth people who really care about their customers, as well as their commitment to all natural and cruelty free products!

Greater Intent

I stopped in this store while visiting from Ontario this past fall. A nice young lady served me. She helped me test out some different products & so I made a few purchases. When I got back home I tried out the products & so very impressed with them. So happy I stopped in that day! Since then I made 1 online purchase & now just made another while writing this review.

Glen Campbell

I heard a lot of buzz about Nezza Naturals from coworkers and finally went in myself and was blown away. Such a wide range of products and very knowledgable staff. I was also very impressed with the prices, considering the products are natural and made right here in Victoria (which is amazing). This is definitely my new go to for body products. The wide range of essential oils is not like any other place in Victoria and I their face masks and bath products are incredible.
A new favourite store of mine.

Erika Lahnsteiner

I don't know how many times I've come into their store just to find something new and exciting! I love it!
I used to work at the Body Shop and started learning about using natural ingredients for beauty and life, but Nezza Naturals takes it one step further without all the added preservatives, fragrance, parabens, and other stuff you don't need in your skin. It's all completely natural which is the way it should be. The staff are always friendly and welcoming, and have always answered any questions I might have, and make great recommendations. It is on the pricier side, but that is because you get pure ingredients. I haven't checked out their new store yet, but it looks awesome from the outside. Buy local!!

Lisa Ishizaki

Nezza Naturals Products

Decent prices and a wide range of organic, vegan and eco friendly home products. Good line of essential oils, and their soaps are heavenly. They also carry a wide variety of supplies to make your own products like candles and lotions and essential oil mixes. Some higher end products like Salt Lamps and diffusers are still well priced.

Dana Jackman

Such awesome stuff! Their deodorant is the first natural stuff I've tried that actually works. As for the complaints that they're expensive, it's due to our Wal Mart viewpoint of pricing...ie. that everything should be cheap as dirt. Newsflash!! It costs money to make natural, homemade, quality, healthy products, and Nezza does an amazing job of creating things to enhance our health, hygiene, and lives.

Abbie Wilson

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