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Sasha M

I bought a tongue scraper from here and it was the best purchase I ever made! I love love love the concept of refilling your bottles when you run out (to reduce waste!!) Check this place out if you're looking for better/ safer health products and to be environmentally friendly. More places need to get on board and be like this store.


Erika Lahnsteiner
I heard a lot of buzz about Nezza Naturals from coworkers and finally went in myself and was blown away. Such a wide range of products and very knowledgable staff. I was also very impressed with the prices, considering the products are natural and made right here in Victoria (which is amazing). This is definitely my new go to for body products. The wide range of essential oils is not like any other place in Victoria and I their face masks and bath products are incredible. A new favourite store of mine.


The staff here are wonderful and I've been super impressed with their products! They also allow you to bring some of their containers back for refilling at a discounted price (depending on the product) which is awesome!


Beatrice Toner
I’m sold on their mission and products. This is where I get everything from my dish soap, laundry powder, facial moisturizer, toothbrush, essential oils, and shampoo.


Aricia Haywood
Amazing products, selection and staff! Everyone who works here is absolutely lovely, and super helpful. So many wonderful products as well!


Incredible store. Helpful staff is down to earth not flakey. I love how you can refill your containers to lessen environmental impact, and they do not create and sneeky fragrance "blends", but rather just use 100% pure essential oils. A wide variety of product for home and beauty as well.


Pamela Hutchison
Great products for folks who don't want toxins in their cosmetics or lotions or cleaning products. Love it!


Renate Herberger
I love all the products here, especially the dish soap which smells absolutely fabulous


Vanessa Watson
Loooooveeeee everything in this store. Staff super helpful and awesome too.


Natalia pro
Love this place, best decision I made by switching to nezza natural


Fiat Look
The place to go for all your cleaning products.. among a lot of other things!! tried it out and I won’t go back to any of the commercial brands
A great local shop
Thanks for always being so helpful too whenever I come in


Heather Davey
I love shopping here. Most of the staff are quite knowledgeable with the products. I have had great results using what I have purchased and feel good knowing I'm shopping local.


Ruthann Willms
Always on my favorite natural stores in Victoria! They always have such a wonderful products


Beverlee Rasmussen
I started using their Vitamin C skin cream and for the first time in years my face feels soft, is healthy and my skin looks great. Recommended for everyone especially if you are over 40 and starting to get dry skin. It's amazing!


lsl LO
Great organic products you could find in Victoria, bc


Melanie Alexander
Best place in Victoria, great staff, customer service, local & organic, they list all their ingredients...not like their competitors across the street that won't tell you 20% of what you are buying.


Kathleen Meadows
Love this shop - one of m.y favourite places to stop in the downtown. Lovely selection of natural skin care and helpful service.


Greater Intent
Great products and even better customer service. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and consistently go out of their way to ensure I leave their store satisfied and in an even better mood than when I first walked in. Having also had the chance to meet and speak with the owners, I can confidently say that anyone who walks in to their shop is in great hands. It is great to see such kind and down to earth people who really care about their customers, as well as their commitment to all natural and cruelty free products!


Alessandra Naccarato
This store keeps solving my skin issues when no one else can. Twice now I've gone in there after spending hundreds of dollars and seeing doctors, and the staff sold me things that cost $3-$5 that solved my problems within twenty-four hours. They have some of the best quality, rarest essential oils, so much knowledge, and incredible products. I just went out of my way to write this review because it's rare you find a store that offers this kind of quality, and also undersells you on products to make sure you only have what you need!


Alex King
This is such a great place. A staff member went above and beyond to help me pick a mother's day gift today. Very good experience shopping there ! 😄


Marie-Ève Gagné
Locally made skin care, cosmetics, shaving and house cleaning products using all natural ingredients safe for your skin and your your body!


Taylor Chambers
This store has affordable natural beauty products... A nice alternative to products with ingredients I can't pronounce!


Sung Lee
Lots of natural, refill & plastic free options


Glen Campbell
I stopped in this store while visiting from Ontario this past fall. A nice young lady served me. She helped me test out some different products & so I made a few purchases. When I got back home I tried out the products & so very impressed with them. So happy I stopped in that day! Since then I made 1 online purchase & now just made another while writing this review.


Alexandre Potvin
Fair selection of products that actually work. Decent ambiance and location. Staff prioritizes phone call with management over waiting customers.


Dana Jackman
Decent prices and a wide range of organic, vegan and eco friendly home products. Good line of essential oils, and their soaps are heavenly. They also carry a wide variety of supplies to make your own products like candles and lotions and essential oil mixes. Some higher end products like Salt Lamps and diffusers are still well priced.


Sarah Yates
I get my shampoo and conditioner from this place. Prices are great considering they only use natural ingredients. Staff are friendly too!


Vanessa Chase
I love everything I've tried from this store. Raved about it to my friends and some of them have started to order too! I plan to continue to try more things! Staff is friendly and informative as well.


Moira Clarke
Amazing products, amazing staff


Loretta Paterson
Natural products made on site staff are informative


Amanda Shortt
Staff are so nice. Return policy is really good.


Lisa Ishizaki
I don't know how many times I've come into their store just to find something new and exciting! I love it!
I used to work at the Body Shop and started learning about using natural ingredients for beauty and life, but Nezza Naturals takes it one step further without all the added preservatives, fragrance, parabens, and other stuff you don't need in your skin. It's all completely natural which is the way it should be. The staff are always friendly and welcoming, and have always answered any questions I might have, and make great recommendations. It is on the pricier side, but that is because you get pure ingredients. I haven't checked out their new store yet, but it looks awesome from the outside. Buy local!!


Melody Harrison
Helpful staff and fabulous soap making supplies! Always a pleasure visiting the store or calling in for advice.


Laura Huff
Lovvvvve this little shop. I used to try to make my own, but have found products here that work better with minimal and high quality ingredients! My favorite place to go in Victoria!!


Bruna Ferro
Loooove this place! Smells so good inside and everything is of great natural quality!


Oscar Astete
Always great staff and products. Never disappointed with a visit to Nezza.


Abbie Wilson
Such awesome stuff! Their deodorant is the first natural stuff I've tried that actually works. As for the complaints that they're expensive, it's due to our Wal Mart viewpoint of that everything should be cheap as dirt. Newsflash!! It costs money to make natural, homemade, quality, healthy products, and Nezza does an amazing job of creating things to enhance our health, hygiene, and lives.


Lindsay McLaughlin
Love these products!!


Good selection of natural soaps


Sophie Boudreau
Seriously a Must! Amazing quality, staff, price. I just use their products for everything.
Ils sont réellement les meilleurs à Victoria, gros coup de coeur pour leur savon et déodorant, et que dire de leurs baumes à lèvre : juste du bien! I love you girls!