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About Us


“Our goal is to keep our bodies healthy, but another reason we use all these ingredients is the environment and what we’re putting back in the water.”


All Nezza Natural products are made from very simple, non-toxic, high-quality ingredients.

At a time when words like “natural,” “organic,” and “green” are used so broadly, Nezza Naturals products truly are that.

That’s why customers love Nezza Naturals - and why the business has grown.

If you ask James Trueit how Nezza Naturals began, he would say, “It sprouted organically.”

And it’s true: the Nezza Naturals story is about as organic as a business story can be. It started as the seed of an idea that grew into a passion and a hobby shared among friends.

Strong roots formed at a farm market stall, and now Nezza Naturals flourishes and continues to grow every year.

Now THAT'S success, naturally :)

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