Healing Hemp Facial Cream

  • An organic, medium weight, soothing moisturizer created for all skin types, especially dry or very sensitive skin.

    Eco-friendly skin care designed to hydrate and protect. Specially selected natural ingredients help to reduce redness and irritation providing relief for those with sensitive skin conditions.

    Packed with skin nourishing,  organic, plant based ingredients including hemp seed oil, Vitamin A, C, B5 and anti-inflammatory essential oils.


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Customer Testimonial

"My skin is sensitive and I am prone to dry patches around my nose and on my chin. It doesn't take much for my skin to feel red and angry. I tried this moisturizer on a whim and I can truly say that this cream is the best! It is light but effective - my skin feels hydrated and those dry patches are gone. I don't feel greasy and it wears well under makeup when I wear it. I also really enjoy the mild scent! I will keep buying this one!"


Organic soothing moisturizer with calming essential oils for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive skin.

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