Ulat Dryer Balls

    • Simply put them in your dryer along with your wet clean clothes and turn on machine.

    • Balls will pill, this is an indication they are working well. Feel free to remove the pills and continue.

    • To naturally scent your clothes, add your choice of pure essential oils to each ball.

    • When your balls are not in use, keep them in a well ventilated dry location and avoid storing them in plastic.

    Do they work in all types of dyers?

    Yes, however depending on the size of the load and the make, model and year of machine will all determine your efficiency levels. Example: a newer machine will have better efficiency performance as the dryer was designed with more earth friendly components and are powered with smarter motors. But if you have an older model don’t despair, using our wool dryer balls will decrease your dryer time. The minimal investment in ULAT Dryer Balls will decrease your drying time without having the large investment of a newer machine or having to top up your loads at the laundry mat.

    Remember though, regardless of load, make or model you must use all three balls for each load. Our dryer balls Tri-effect ensures balance, consistency and efficiency.

    What makes them eco-friendly?

    Our wool is sourced directly from Canadian Sheep Farmers and we hand make our dryer balls in Vancouver. In every load our dryer balls are used, it decreases the amount of electricity to generate the dryer, with less drying time required. And since your clothes won’t be taking a beating in the hot humid dryer, your natural products will last longer-even more money in your pocket and less in the landfill.

    Can they be used on all types of fabrics?

    ULAT Dryer Balls work best on natural fibres.

    Why Wool Dryer Balls are not complimentary with Synthetic/Non-natural Fibres?

    A little insight into non-natural/synthetic fibres: Synthetics are manmade and like to imitate natural fibres, therefore cling and pull the wool fibres from wool dryer balls. This causes lint and in some cases static. Not harmful but annoying. Manufactures recommend synthetics be hung to dry, as heat from the dryer can breakdown the elasticity of non-natural fibers thus decreasing their longevity. They also suggest this to eliminate pilling which can be caused during the drying cycle when tumbling with natural fibres. It’s highly recommended to read each label as a lot of items in the market place contain non-natural/synthetic materials and manufactures/designer have your best interest in mind and want to ensure you get the best wear out of your investment. Now, if you have blended fibre fabrics that are more of a natural fibre than not, you should not have a lint issue. But, personally, if the fibre content is close to a 50/50 ratio, I would recommend you hang dry your synthetics when using ULAT Dryer Balls. Again, please consult the manufactures label.


    Best to use ULAT Dryer Balls with your natural fibre items such as linen, cotton, hemp and bamboo. Should you choose to use the dryer for your synthetics, please do not use our dryer balls to avoid any disappointment.

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