Seaweed & Mint Facial Exfoliant

  • An intensive, weekly, seaweed facial exfoliant designed for all skin types to reveal healthy glowing skin. A gentle yet effective action for people with hyperpigmentation issues and those who struggle with skin tone.

  • Handmade with plant-based ingredients including eco-friendly, exfoliating walnut shell powder & jojoba beads, mineral-rich seaweed powder, hydrating plant oils, nutrient-rich spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and cooling spearmint essential oil.

  • Leaves skin soft and pores minimized. Feel like a pampered mermaid when you use this clean, green scrub.


Customer Reviews

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"I have to admit, I was sceptical that this would be any better than my usual exfoliator...but it really, really is. I have some hormone related skin issues, as well as very sensitive skin, and this product has done wonders without aggravating my skin. Love it!"

Fiona G.

You will feel like a pampered mermaid after using this rich green seaweed scrub.

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