Rosemary Oleoresin Essential Oil

  • Rosemary Oleoresin, also known as Rosemary Oil Extract or ROE is an oil soluble, natural extract of the leaves of the Rosemary plant used to slow rancidity in natural oils. This anti-oxidant ingredient can be added to carrier oils, lotions, butters and more to help keep them fresh longer. Its potent antioxidant properties are attributed in large part to carnosic acid, one of its major constituents. It can be use in very low percentages and still be very effective. Typically, 0.2 - 0.5 grams will be added to 1000 grams of oil.

    Rosemary Oleoresin (ROE) has a very mild herbaceous odour which is generally unnoticeable in final formulations when used at recommended levels.



    Source: United Kingdom

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