Vanilla Twist Natural Perfume Roll On

  • Vanilla with a twist of citrus and floral notes.

    A gentle, feminine blend that is long lasting and uplifting.

    Not only an incredible aroma but it has therapeutic benefits for the body and mind.

    Energizing and joyful citrus, soft and comforting Vanilla and rich, complex Geranium.


    - Vanilla/Citrus/Floral

    - Therapeutic & plant-based

    - Beautiful glass roll-on bottle


    The many benefits of Natural Botanical Perfumes...

    - Natural botanical perfumes are healthy alternative to synthetic fragrances/perfumes which have high levels of toxic chemicals.

    - These botanical blends are artfully created with plant-based essential oils that give you an incredible aroma while also providing therapeutic benefits for your mind, body and emotions.

    - They are longer lasting than synthetic fragrances and can stay up to 20hrs on the skin.

    - Most scent-induced allergies and headaches are from synthetic fragrances and not natural, plant-based essential oils so these botanical blends are much better for you and those around you!

    Note: Most are blended using a combination of top, middle and base notes so you will notice that they may slightly change over the course of the day. This is because top notes dissipate first followed by the middle note and lastly the base note.


    Not sure of which scent you will like? We have 1ml trial sizes available!



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